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10 DIY Art Projects For Your Walls

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Bare walls not only make your home look lonely but also sad and sometimes ugly. That’s why interior design is recommended to light up the space to make it welcoming. The good thing is you don’t need a professional interior designer to decorate your walls. You can do it yourself!

There are many DIY wall arts that can help make your space more appealing and comfortable. In this post, we have put together a list of 10 best DIY art projects for your home. So, if you want to give your space a new look, try these DIY wall art projects.

1. Print Typography And Hang It Up With Clipboards

One of the simplest ways that you can decorate your walls is using cool typography. This is a pretty simple DIY wall art project that will cost you almost nothing other than doing simple typography on your computer. There are many free apps such as the MS Word and Adobe page maker that can make pretty cool typography designs. Then print it and use a clipboard to hang it on the wall. You can have quotes, names of the family, and so on as typography.

2. Hanging Cool Antiques

Every home some antiques that could be lying around idle in the house. If you look around your house, you will be surprised by how many items that can make cool antiques for your interior décor. You might be having decades-old perfume bottles that design does not exist anymore. Similar, you could be having an old hat, plate, pan, dinnerware or LP record that can make an ideal antique. All these are antiques that will change the appearance of your house.

3. Make String Shapes

If you have time to do a little bit time consuming but beautiful artwork, then try strings shapes. These wall arts are extremely versatile in that you can make any shape you like. The materials used for making these artworks are readily available and might not cost you a thing to source them. What you need is small nails, maybe 1 or 1½ inches, a board and strings. The nails will help form the shape on the board as well as hold the strings in firmly. You can make different shapes and used different colours that complement your wall colour.

4. Hang Strands Of Beads

If you want a simple DIT art project for your home, then consider using beads. The best bead idea is the use of strands on the walls. What you need is a simple rod on the upper part of the wall where the bead strands will be hanged. The good thing about using beads strand is the flexibility that they offer. You can use multiple colours to produce a striking appearance.

brown and red woodwen beads for decor

5. Stretch some Fabrics

Do you have some long fabrics such as bed sheets you don’t use? Well, they can make a perfect DIY wall décor. What you need is to hang them on the wall, and you will be impressed by how your room will be transformed. The only thing you need is hooks, canvas or rods to hold. Then stretch them downwards. You can use different colours to create a striking contrast on the wall.

6. Frame Fabric Scraps

Do you have some good-looking leftover pieces of fabric in the house? Well, you don’t have to throw them away. They can make good art for your walls. What you need is to frame them, and you will be wowed by how much they will change the room’s appeal. Put them in a frame, and hang them on the wall. However, you must ensure that these pieces of the fabric are properly cleaned. They must also have a captivating element that will lit up your space.

7. Paper from Old book

If you have old books in the house, you can turn them into a wall decoration. There are many ways that you can use old pages, but we highly recommend that you try to create a simple board that can create a kind of attractive focal point for the room. Just put up a simple board in the room where the pages can be displayed. They could be anything, including research work, studies and so on. Just display them nicely, and you will change your room looks.

8. Painted Canvas

Another DIY art projects for your home to consider is painting canvas. This works great people who love painting art even if with rudimentary skills. It is a very simple DIY wall art décor since all you need are paints and stretched canvas. Use paint that does not have harmful chemicals to your health. You don’t have to draw anything on the canvas. Just apply various paints and hang the canvas on the wall. The painted canvas is one of the easiest DIY wall art but also very effective when some basic skills are applied.

9. Toilet Paper Art

This could be one of the easiest DIY art projects for your walls. All you need are tissue papers of different colours and a piece of stretched canvas. Cut the tissue papers in the desired shape and size. Then, pain the stretched canvas the colour that complements the colour of your tissue paper cuttings. Before the paint dries on the canvas stick, the toilet paper on it to form the desired pattern.

10. Use leaves

Last but not least is the use of leaves. Leaves bring natural vibe in your room, and they work for any space. However, how you use them matters the most. We recommend sticking leaves on a frame or stretched canvas and hang them on the wall. You are looking for a long-lasting solution; you can use synthetic leaves.

If you want to decorate your bare walls, these are some of the DIY art projects you can use for your home. You can also apply multiple projects for your space to stand. We also recommend that you select colours carefully to complement your wall.

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