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Australian Art Features Contemporary Fine Artists

contemporary Australian artists

Australia boasts of having one of the unique arts to anywhere in the world art. From the thousands of years old aboriginal cave and rock art to modern art, the country has one of the most vibrant art industries in the world. The ever-growing number of art museums, foundations, galleries, collections and events is an indication of a thriving contemporary art scene.

The popularity of Australian art can be attributed to the huge number of contemporary artists offering versatile and rich art. The country’s rich culture and diversity is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of the contemporary art industry. The history of Australia is another key element that most contemporary artists are exploiting in their work.

Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of Australian contemporary artists showcasing their talents not only in Australia but across the world. However, there are individuals who have made a mark in the industry due to their exceptional work in supporting contemporary art. We bring you five individuals who have played a significant role in promoting Australian contemporary art.

1. Annette Larkin

Annette Larkin is one of the active individuals in the Australian contemporary art scene. She has played a critical role in the growth of Aussie contemporary art as an official in various art bodies in the country. She is most remembered for the things she did for the eleven years she worked at Christie’s Australia, including establishing stand-alone sales Australian contemporary art. Annette Larkin had also worked with several galleries in Sydney before joining Christie’s Australia which gave her a better understanding of contemporary art.

 Currently, she is the director of the Annette Larkin Fine Art, where she is providing specialist services to collectors of modern, contemporary and indigenous art. With her unrivalled experience in dealing with Australian art, she provides tailored services and advice in all aspects of collecting, valuing and purchasing management.

Founded in 2006, Annette Larkin Fine Art has been critical in helping streamline the art industry by providing expert advice on management areas. She is also working with major corporate collections as a valuer. The art centre is located on 8 Soudan Lane, Paddington Sydney.

2. Brenda May


Brenda May boasts over three decades of experience in the Australian art industry. She is one of the individuals that played a critical role in promoting talented Australian contemporary artists to the world. She has vast experience in presentation, promotion and management contemporary art, which are the areas she has specialised in for the last thirty years.

Brenda May opened her first art centre, Access Gallery in Sydney, in 1985. She later opened Brenda May Gallery in 2001. Currently, she is operating MAY SPACE, located along George St, Waterloo Sydney. Opened in 2017, the gallery is promoting Australian artists whose work is not just compelling but immersive, including aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

The gallery also holds exhibitions not only for the Australian artists but also for artists across the Asia-Pacific region. With her vast experience in the art industry, she is devoted to helping the young and upcoming artists getting a strong foothold in the industry. Through galleries and exhibitions, many upcoming artists have been introduced into the industry by the MAY SPACE art centre.

3. Dominik Mersch


Dominik Mersch is another individual who is playing a critical role in the development of Australian contemporary art. He is the owner of the popular DOMINIC MERSCH GALLERY (DMG), which is situated along McLachlan Ave, Rushcutters Bay Sydney. Founded in 2006, DMB gallery has introduced many new talents to the competitive Australian art industry.

Dominik Mersch has vast experience in the management of Australian art. For over a decade now, his gallery has been consistent in developing both Australian artists both locally and internationally. DMG art centre aims to exhibit the finest work and improving upcoming artist by providing them with a platform that exposes them to both local and international art industry.

DOMINIC MERSCH GALLERY focuses on exhibiting contemporary artists from Europe, Asia and Australia. They have a wide spectrum of artists from upcoming, mid-career as well as established artists. Dominik Mersch has gone beyond putting up exhibitions to provide lectures, readings and special projects as part of DMG gallery programs. Visiting one of their exhibitions.

4. Conny Dietzchold


When it comes to Australian contemporary art, one figure that has contributed immensely to this industry for over three decades is Conny Dietzchold. As the curator and director of the famous Conny Dietzchold Galleries, she has managed not only to grow talents but also to discover new talents and expose them to the world. As one of the most vibrant Conny Dietzchold Galleries is Sydney, artists have it provides a platform for both local and international for artists to launch their careers.

Unlike some of the galleries, Conny Dietzchold Galleries accommodate all talents including emerging, middle-career and established ones. Some of the Australian contemporary artists that went through this art centre includes Jenny Watson, Tracey Moffatt and Fiona Tan. One thing that makes Conny Dietzchold work unique is because she features all kinds of arts, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, and videos. Visit their exhibitions in Darlinghurst, Sydney and other events the hold.

5. Stella Downer


Stella Downer is another art enthusiast who has contributed immensely to the growth of Australian contemporary art. She has contributed to this industry for more than three decades in various capacities but as a value for the Cultural Gifts Program since 1987. However, the establishment of the Stella Downer Gallery in 2001 is one of her legacies in the industry.

The gallery represents all types of artists, including newbies, mid-career and the established ones. Therefore, you can expect to see your favourite artists as well as meet new and budding artists during Stella Downer Gallery exhibits and other events. Check their online platforms for new artworks and exhibition opening updates. Australia contemporary art is growing at a fast rate thanks to the technology and functional structures and infrastructure that supports art talents. Private galleries and art centres such as Conny Dietzchold Galleries are also crucial factors facilitating this growth. They hold regular exhibitions and other events, which exposes artists to the lock and global art industry.

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