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10 Simple Ways To Display Art In Bathrooms

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The bathroom is the most special room in our homes, although some of us don’t treat it that way. It is one of the rooms where we can relax and have some personal time with minimal if any, distractions. A good bathroom decoration should make you feel calm, comfortable and welcoming. It should be a place that makes your mind feel relaxed.

You can make your bathroom decor more effective by introducing art. However, to get a perfect upgrade, you need to be very smart when incorporating art into your bathroom. The piece of artwork that you bring into this space must go with the theme. Here are simple ways to display bathroom art.

1. Try Soft Artwork

Creating a subtle mood in the bathroom is crucial for a perfect calming effect. There are many ways that you can achieve that, but the use of soft work will do magic. Soft pencil drawings can help you achieve a cosy look in your bathroom. The drawing can be about anything, including typical things around us, such as items in our homes. Just put the drawing in a frame and hang on the walls. You can also hang it low at eye level. This will enable anyone using the bathroom to see the heart of the art.

2. Maintain A Cohesive Style

If you want to create a cohesive style, then you need to get your bathroom defined by the same colour palette and style. One thing that you will like about the cohesive is how every aspect of the bathroom décor complement each other. Start with having painting minimalist colours such as grey or white in your bathroom. Then the art that you bring should complement the colour of the walls and the bathroom accessories such as mats, sinks and so on. That will make a perfect cohesive style for your bathroom.

3. Choose A Focal Point

Just like the living room, you need to have a focal point in the bathroom. In case of a bathroom, it could be different from other rooms due to its less movement. The position of the tub is one of the crucial determinants when choosing a focal point. Setting a piece of art, a portrait, on the side of the tub will not only attract the eyes but also provide a sense of movement in your bathroom. However, we recommend the use of artwork that goes with the theme for a perfect look.

4. Create a Gallery

Creating a gallery is another simple way to display art in bathrooms. What you need is a number of portraits and select the best walls to create the gallery. The artwork in the portrait could vary but should be personalised. It can also be gender themed, where most of the arts is depicting a certain gender. For instance, you can have pictures or drawings of women which gives an impression of a lady’s bathroom. This would give your bathroom gender them, which will make it stand out.

5. Hang Wallpaper

Think about having wallpaper on your bathroom walls and the impact that it would have in this room. Wallpapers form a gorgeous bathroom when done properly. What you need is to choose a wallpaper that goes with your bathroom colour theme. The art on the wallpaper is a crucial factor to consider. How you display the wallpaper is another factor that will determine the appeal of the room. You can also get custom made wallpapers for personalised artwork.

art wallpaper background

6. Try Minimalist Look

One of the simplest ways to display bathroom art is embracing a minimalist look. There are many minimalist styles you can use to upgrade your bathroom with art. For example, you can try a concrete floor, and marble tiles and your bathroom produce an incredible minimalist floor. There are several minimalist colour palettes such as white, grey and so on, for your bathroom. Bringing the best indoor plants also is another factor that can help you achieve a perfect minimalist look. There are just a few of the minimalist arts that you need to consider.

7. Vintage Looks

Vintages styles are always intriguing wherever it is applied. You can use several vintage themed bathroom arts to enhance the space décor. However, a vintage theme cannot be achieved with just displaying a piece of art. You need to have the entire room including tubs, faucets, light and other bathroom accessories to be vintage. By just hanging a wooden frame on the wall, you will get an ideal vintage look. You can draw vintage art, buy from your favourite online or an antique shop near you.

8. Use Print Art

Minimalist themes are increasingly becoming popular with home interior decor. The most widely accepted colours palette for this style are black, grey and white. If you want to display art in a bathroom with this kind of colour scheme, then print art would make a perfect choice. The black and white colour of the print will fit seamless in the space without offsetting the neutral palette. Seamless compatibility helps to produce and an incredible look.

9. Try Charming Cartography

Maps are always fascinating and will capture the attention of anyone who comes across them. You can use the element of maps to enhance your bathroom appeal. However, the choice of the map is key when using them for bathroom art. Natural features such as rivers, hills on the maps are some of the most fascinating since they offer a relaxing concept, which is great for a bathroom. Just put the map on a frame and hang it low for better eye contact.

10. Add a Personal

Last but not least is a personalised touch for your bathroom art. If you can’t find a piece of art that suits your bathroom, then you need to consider a personalised approach. You can either design one for yourself or buy from your local store for more personalised bathroom art.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate art in your bathroom décor, these are some of the best tips for you. They are pretty simple and will cost you very little to upgrade your bathroom look. You can also get creative and commission personalised bathroom art.

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