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Home Wall art mural

10 Best Ways To Care For Your Home Wall Art

Wall arts can spruce up your interior home decoration if done properly. Depending on what you are going for, these artworks can cost you a lot of money. Like other home decors, wall arts are prone to damages of not properly cared for.   If you are wondering how you can keep your wall art in good condition […]

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art therapy

10 Benefits of Art Therapy In Real Life

Art therapy can change the way you think, the way you see things, and generally how you relate with other people. That’s why it is widely used by psychologists for individuals struggling with mental illness such as stress, and past trauma, among others. Art therapy comes in various forms, from drawing, writing, music, and so […]

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best art places in sydney

History Of Australian Art And Best Art Places In Sydney

Australia’s art history is entirely unique to anywhere else in the world. The country boasts of an indigenous population that has preserved its history in painting for thousands of years. In addition, the colonial past left behind a unique art history. However, Australian contemporary has been thriving in the last few decades. Aboriginal art is […]

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bathroom art

10 Simple Ways To Display Art In Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most special room in our homes, although some of us don’t treat it that way. It is one of the rooms where we can relax and have some personal time with minimal if any, distractions. A good bathroom decoration should make you feel calm, comfortable and welcoming. It should be a […]

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wall art diy

10 DIY Art Projects For Your Walls

Bare walls not only make your home look lonely but also sad and sometimes ugly. That’s why interior design is recommended to light up the space to make it welcoming. The good thing is you don’t need a professional interior designer to decorate your walls. You can do it yourself! There are many DIY wall […]

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art into home decor

How To Incorporate Art Into Your Home Decor

Decorating your home or updating its look can be a little bit tricky. Getting the best ideas that would transform your home appeal is the most challenging part for some homeowners. What most people don’t know is the impact that incorporating art can have on their home look. Adding a piece of art in your […]

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contemporary Australian artists

Australian Art Features Contemporary Fine Artists

Australia boasts of having one of the unique arts to anywhere in the world art. From the thousands of years old aboriginal cave and rock art to modern art, the country has one of the most vibrant art industries in the world. The ever-growing number of art museums, foundations, galleries, collections and events is an […]

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aboriginal art

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Prints, Paintings and Sculptures

The Art Yarra Munua specialises in high quality contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art prints, paintings and sculptures by established, mid-career and emerging artists. Browse our website to view works, portfolios and exhibitions, past, present and future. Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture; the art of printmaking; tour the Aboriginal regions of […]

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