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10 Best Ways To Care For Your Home Wall Art

Home Wall art mural

Wall arts can spruce up your interior home decoration if done properly. Depending on what you are going for, these artworks can cost you a lot of money. Like other home decors, wall arts are prone to damages of not properly cared for.  

If you are wondering how you can keep your wall art in good condition for many years, we’ve got you covered in this article. We have compiled a list of the best ways on how you can keep your artwork in good condition for many days. Here are 10 best tips on how to care for home wall art: 

1. Keep from Direct Sunlight 

Wall arts usually fade when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. You might have bought the best wooden wall art Australia, but exposure to sunlight will fade it fast. You can’t place them places in areas where they are exposed to direct sunlight and expect them to last for many years. Apart from fading, the canvas will start cracking and tearing up. To avoid sunlight, you should varnish the artwork to reduce the intensity of light. But this will not offer absolute protection from direct sunlight for long.  

2. Don’t Use Chemicals 

It is very easy to get tempted to use chemicals used for cleaning other decorations in the house to clean wall arts. Most of the cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, are very rough on canvas and can cause a lot of damages. In fact, you might never get your artwork again. In case you find your wall art very dirty, considering hiring professionals in Australia to clean it up. They know how to get your artwork to its original shape.  

3. Dust the Canvas Clean 

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If you have never taken the time to dust your home wall artwork, know that you are doing it the wrong way. You need to keep them clean by simply dusting them using a soft rag. Cotton would be the ideal materials for cleaning home wall art. When the dust builds up on the artwork and it gets humid, your décor will get damage. It might also start fading if the dust build-up is not removed. Have a schedule when you need to dust off all your wall artworks to keep them in perfect condition. 

4. Don’t Hang on Busy Area 

Another tip for caring for your home wall art is avoiding busy areas. If you placed them in messy areas, then they are likely to get messed up very fast. It is not wise to hang wall arts along the corridor or near the doors. If the artwork constantly gets disturbed, it will increase its rate of wear and tear. This means that your décor will not last for many years as was expected. Find walls that have very little, if any, traffic. Maybe behind the couches would be perfect. 

5. Wrap When Transporting 

One way that you can lose your home wall art to damages is during transport. If you are moving your artwork from one place to the other, you need to wrap it properly to minimise the chances of damages. There are special corrugated boxes that are used for packing such items, especially wooden wall arts. To keep your expensive wooden wall art Australia safe, put it insider the bubble wrap for additional safety. However, this will not enough if the item is roughly handled. 

6. Avoid Extreme Weather Changes 

Extreme weather changes vary from humidity, cold, heat and are common in Australia. Most of the materials used for making the home wall arts cannot withstand such kind of environment. If the humidity is too high, then you will have a problem with the paint. If the paint is water-soluble, it might start falling off in high humid conditions. A very hot or cold environment can cause the artwork to pucker or have the paint cracking. Keep your wall art in places where the effects of extreme weather changes are minimal. 

7. Keep Wall Art Away from Bathroom 

woman paints bathroom door white before adding art

You can have the wall arts anywhere in the house, but the bathroom is a big NO. You cannot have canvases or wood in the bathroom because of the humidity issues. Canvases do not fare well in humid areas such as in the bathroom. It will start forming mold and mildew, and that is how the quality of the artwork gets destroyed. In cases of high humidity levels, common in bathrooms, the paint will start falling off. That’s the main reason why you must keep your artwork away from the bathroom.  

8. Don’t Lean Them on Anything 

Most people make the mistake of leaning their artworks against what they think is soft and safe materials. Canvas is one of the materials that most people believe it’s safe for the artworks, but it’s not. The artwork still develops rips and scratches after some time. Your artwork should only lean on the wall. If not the wall, the only thing you can lean them on is cardboard.  Anything else you put under the artwork will damage it in the long run. This is a very important artwork caring tip. 

9. Always Wear Gloves 

When handling wall arts, you must be very clean to avoid messing them up. One of the most effective ways is to wear white lightweight gloves with clean hands. White gloves are recommended because you can tell when your hands are dirty to avoid damaging the artwork. 

10. Store Them Separately 

If you have multiple home wall arts, do not store them on top of each other. Storing them surface to surface exposes them to damages. If you have to keep them together, make sure that they are separated with clean cardboard. That is how you can keep them in good shape. 

These are some of the best tips to caring for your home wall arts. They will help you keep your artwork in the best condition for many years. If you need professional help, contact MPL Signage. They are some of the best signage specialists in Australia.