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How To Incorporate Art Into Your Home Decor

art into home decor

Decorating your home or updating its look can be a little bit tricky. Getting the best ideas that would transform your home appeal is the most challenging part for some homeowners. What most people don’t know is the impact that incorporating art can have on their home look. Adding a piece of art in your house is an easy way to update your home interior décor.

When we say incorporating art in home decor, it does not mean that you spend thousands of dollars in a piece of artwork. There are many affordable ways, including DIY tips, to incorporate art into your home décor. If you are wondering how you can achieve this, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up some of the best ways to incorporate art into home decor.

Hang Low

One of the smartest ways that you can bring a new look in the house décor, you need to consider hanging the artwork low. This is different from what most people are used to – hanging artwork new the ceiling. The idea behind the hang-low technique is to have the heart of the artwork at the eye level. To achieve a perfect hang low style, ensure that the bottom of the frame is between 8-16 inches above your piece of furniture – sofa, table, etc. It is the perfect height for an average person.

A Colour for Every Mood

Incorporating art into home décor can be achieved the best results if you choose colours to set moods in every room. According to colour psychology, each colour in the universe evokes certain emotions. Therefore, you can use art to create moods for every room, depending on what it is used for. For example, grey evokes a calm mood, and that’s why it recommended for bedroom décor. The living room should provide a cheerful and welcoming mood, and that’s why yellow is the best colour. Last but not least is red or orange for the dining room, since it evokes a lively discussion.

Art For Focal Point

Focal points are crucial when it comes to interiors. These are points that completely change the visitor’s view of your home with the first glance while entering the house. With a nice piece of art such as sculpture, you can create a unique focal point for your space. Just walk in the room, and you will identify where your eyes lands first. That’s where the focal point should. Once you have put in place the focal point, you can have the rest of the room décor designed on it. It’s one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to incorporate art into your house décor.

Use Art To Mimic Life Of The Room

vintage lamp near room window

If you want to create a mood that suits the life of every room in the house, consider incorporating art in your home décor. It is a pretty simple way to update your home décor since all you need are images mimicking the life of the room. For example, you can have food art in the kitchen since the room has everything to do with food. If you have a piece of art of friends having fun, hang it in your living room since it evokes cheerful discussions. However, you must ensure these arts are also complementing your home décor.

Art In The Bathroom

One of the places where you can use unlimited art is the bathroom. It is one of the rooms in our homes where we spend most of our private time. That’s why you should make it personalised as much as you can. You are also allowed to get a little bit extreme by some of the uncomfortable pieces of artwork that appeal to you. The idea is to bring art that has produces a calming effect in your mind – you should get distracted while in the bathroom. However, don’t forget to complement the pieces of art with the colour theme.

Pop Art For Younger Look

Making your house look younger and fresher not only make it look great but will also improve your mood. In addition to that, younger spaces can go a long way in making you feel younger, which is a good feeling for antiaging and your overall health. However, the choice of art will be a crucial factor when. Pop inspired artworks great for a younger fresher look. The good thing about pop artworks are readily available and won’t break the bank. Just pick an option that works best for your house interior décor.

Gallery Wall

A gallery on your home can add huge in updating your room décor. It is a very simple way of transforming your home look without breaking the bank. The good thing about the gallery on the wall is that you can place it at various points in your home. However, it works great in the hallway. What you need is to put small pieces of art together to create a perfect gallery. You can create the arts yourself, or buy from your local store – both physical and online stores. If you have a lot of art collection in the house, you can turn them into a gallery.

Individualised Art

If you have looked around and couldn’t find artwork that suits your decor, consider individualised art. This is a form of art that you create yourself from scratch. What you need is to come up with the idea and commission the artwork. If you are not a professional artist, there are many sources where you can get the idea of how to create artwork as a professional. Searching online for tutorials would help you created perfect individualised art.

Place Art In Alternative Places

Last but not least is placing art in alternative areas in the house to add a bit of mystery in the room. Instead of hanging the artwork on the wall, as most of us do, you can lean it on other places like fireplace and shelves. It is a fun approach that would help create focal points in the room and also create uniqueness in the house.

If you were looking for ways to incorporate art into your home décor, these are some of the best options you can select from. The secret is to ensure that the piece of art is complementing then you hose decor theme.

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