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Frame television on the wall

Home Art design

Need a concept or colours to your home walls in the living room, bedroom, or any part of the house that you think looks dull?

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Art for Commercial Use

Art helps your business branding. People would even sometimes re-visit your commercial place just to see how unique it is from the others.

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DIY Creative design

Make use of some materials that are unique in producing fascinating artwork for your home, home office, workplace, and your favorite places.

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Generally, we offer art consulting services including diy creative art ideas you can use at home or commercially. Our main concern though is helping you find a much affordable aboriginal art. If an Aboriginal painting is out of your budget or you’re looking for something a bit different, consider buying an Aboriginal print. This gallery has Sydney’s biggest selection (over 300 works) at very reasonable prices. Expect to pay less for framed or unframed rare and current limited-edition prints. Beautiful screen-prints, lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and mixed-media works are available. Many of Australia’s leading indigenous artists from Arnhem Land, the Central and Western Deserts, the Kimberley and the Tiwi and Torres Strait Islands are represented. The quality and diversity of prints here makes this gallery worth visiting. Visit the gallery online to view what’s on offer.

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Welcome to the Art Yarra Munua

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Prints, Paintings and Sculptures

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The Art Yarra Munua specialises in high quality contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art prints, paintings and sculptures by established, mid-career and emerging artists. Browse our website to view works, portfolios and exhibitions, past, present and future.

Learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture; the art of printmaking; tour the Aboriginal regions of Australia; browse through our extensive collection of art publications and catalogues ; join our mailing list; get to know many talented artists and catch up on news. Contact us with all your enquiries…and happy browsing.

Feature works from the exhibition: Dennis Nona: Between Sky, Land and Sea Recent works: Prints and Sculptures


Featured below are sculptural works including works by award winning artists, Alick Tipoti, Ken Thaiday and Denis Nona.N

This is the first win for Tipoti in the 3D category. Previous wins were in 2018 and 2020 for Works on Paper and 2018 for the People’s Choice Award.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Prints

Works can be viewed by Artist, region and locality by selecting from the dropdowns to your right. Featured is one work per artist, listed alphabetically by surname.

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Aboriginal prints are produced in various regions all across Australia. From the Kimberley, Arnhem land, Torres Strait Islands and Tiwi Islands to the Urban Aboriginal art from major cities like Sydney and Cairns. The Australian Art Print Network Has worked in close collaboration with some of Australia’s most important Aboriginal artists including, Rover Thomas, Eubena Nampijin, Elizabeth Nyumi, Helicopter, Freddy Timms and Queenie McKenzie to but name but a few. We have worked in collaboration with comunities to produce entire exhibitions, such as our current exhibition Yilpini, Love , Magic, And Ceremony an exhibition of prints from Balgo Hills, Yuendumu and Lajamanu.

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The Art Yarra Munua represents a select group of emerging, mid career and established artists specialising in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanderart prints, paintings and sculpture.

Click on the artist name to view biography and on the thumbnail to view feature works.

For more information on these artists, including current works for sale, please visit our stockroom or contact the gallery on +61 (0)2 9310 9614 or email sales@artyarramunua.com.au












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